Maia's most recent "207" WCHS6 segment: Easter Wines...Easter Wines
1. Summer Water Rosé: Bootleggers, Topsham; Eat More Cheese, Bangor; Friendly Discount Beverage, Portland; Treats, Wiscasset; The Wine Cellar, Rockland
2. Chronic Cellars "Eunice X":
Tess' Market, Brunswick; 
Eventide Specialties, Boothbay; RSVP, Portland; Good Tern Natural Foods, Rockland
3. Jean-Luc Colombo "Les Abeilles": Tess' Market; RSVP; Eventide Specialties; Megunticook Market, Camden; Weatherbird, Damariscotta; Good Tern. 
4. Lila Sparkling Wine (in a can!):
Friendly Discount Beverage; RSVP; Bootleggers. 
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Welcome to Sip Wine Education!

What is Sip? 

It's Wine Education Made Fun in Your Home or Business!


Do you enjoy wine but wish you could learn a little bit more about it in a casual setting? Are screw caps really ok on a bottle? What’s the difference between Sauvignon Blanc and Fume Blanc? What are the hot wine regions right now? What exactly does it mean when a wine is described as “chalky” or “smoky”? And here’s the big question: Can you find a really good bottle of wine for less than $15? Absolutely! In fact, you can find great wines for less than $10. But in the vast expanse of a wine shop, how do you find the hidden treasures?


If your interest is piqued then please contact Sip at to set up a relaxed and fun wine tasting! Maia Gosselin – the editor of a wine and spirits trade magazine and owner of Sip Wine Education – will lead you and your friends as you sip and sample “hidden gem” wines from a variety of countries. Tasting notes will be provided as we discuss our impressions of the wines, learn about some interesting varietals and find out what the current trends are these days.


Sip is perfect for moms' groups, neighborhood get-togethers, girls night out, book clubs, birthday celebrations, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, corporate events and more!

Tasting Format:

We recommend having between 14-25 people but can work with larger groups as well. For wine, we taste 6 brands over 2 hours, which includes time to discuss and debate favorites. We also offer a 7 wine option as well - see pricing below. (Format varies for beer and spirit sessions). We provide each guest with a set of detailed tasting notes with information on the brands, including where to purchase locally.

Host Provides:

As a host, you will be responsible for coordinating the date and time, and inviting friends or colleagues for the tasting. Please provide appetizers of your choosing, and at least one plain cracker or bread to cleanse palates between tastings. We are happy to recommend pairings for cheese, olives, fruits, etc.

Sip Provides:

We provide the wines to taste, as well as glassware. We also supply informative tasting notes, pens and a water pitcher.

Sip Pricing:

We charge $30 per person for the 6 wine option with a minimum guest count of 14 (or min fee of $420). If you would like Sip to feature 7 wines the rate is $35 per person. That includes a few glasses of wine, lots of knowledge and a fun-filled evening! 
Contact us directly for pricing information about benefits, large events or flat fee options.
Sip is featured in the Jan/Feb wedding issue of North Shore Magazine:

Maia Gosselin - 617.669.6934;